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Hello everyone,

After long deliberation between me and the rest of the admin team, we have decided to shut down the server once again. I know this might come to no surprise, considering our declining performance over the last few months, yet I still feel that we owe you an explanation.

Personally, I've struggled really hard to maintain focus and find motivation to keep working on VV. Having had some pretty significant life changes over the last few months, and as my priorities changed, I've found myself being able to spend less and less time on VV, resulting in it coming to a screeching halt. This decision did not come lightly, as I owe a lot of treasured memories and gratitude to the server, yet I felt like it was about time the project ended once again. As far as the rest of the administration goes, it was apparent since the start of the end of COVID that everyone was jumping back into the routines, and that everyone would have significantly less time to contribute to the project. I still feel very happy about relaunching it when all the madness was going down, and I’m really glad that we gave a lot of people space and a community to spend some time, yet as life returned to normal, the server returned to its previous state nonetheless.

The server will shut down on the 30th of June, making the Minecraft server, the forums and our website unavailable. We are unfortunately unable to provide refunds for any purchases, since our server costs have been running non-stop with no real revenue in our pockets. Despite that, I will try to offer some value in the ranks in any future Minecraft projects that I may lead in the future, should that be case! The Discord server will remain active, with us only removing operational channels concerning the Minecraft server. We still have a lot of friends around here, and we’d hate to lose them 😅 For the time being, we hope to remain a nice small community that shares the enjoyment of survival and semi-vanilla gameplay!

I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past couple of years, and thank the determination of our community and our staff members in running this server. This server and this community mean the world to me, but unfortunately I feel like it’s time to move on.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
Spyros (AKA Bocktrow, Enderian)
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