1. Question: What's the server IP
    Answer: mc.vanillaverse.net
  2. Question: Can I vote for this server?
    Answer: You can vote for our server by visiting this link or by issuing /vote command in-game
  3. Question: Can I get more claim blocks?
    Answer: You can get more claim block by voting for our server and logging in every day!
  4. Question: Is there a place that I can report a bug?
    Answer: You can report bugs on #bugs channel on our Discord server.
  5. Question: Can I buy ranks?
    Answer: You can visit our store to take a look at our ranks and the perks they are offering!
  6. Question: Who to contact regarding payment issues?
    Answer: You can send an email to support [at] vanillaverse.net.
  7. Question: I have a problem but no staff-member is online, what should I do?
    Answer: You can write message to our #help-me channel and if your situation is too urgent you can tag @Staff Member role as well!
  8. Question: Can I be staff?
    Answer: You can apply for staff on the forums.
  9. Question: Can I be a builder?
    Answer: You can apply for builder on the forums.
  10. Question: Where do I report a staff member?
    You can report a staff member here.
  11. Question: I've been banned from the server. Can I appeal?
    Answer: You can appeal here.
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