These rules apply to all means of communication and gameplay offered by VanillaVerse, including, but not limited to, the Minecraft server and our Discord server. Failure to follow the rules will result in appropriate punishment decided by the staff team.


  1. VanillaVerse is a PG-13 server, but the server also appeals to younger audiences, so please keep that in mind and behave appropriately.
  2. Swearing is allowed, however using swears as harassment towards other players is unacceptable. Use swear words responsibly!
  3. Respect others and treat them as you wish to be treated.
  4. No type of harassment is permitted on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, insulting, expressing racism, or other types of discriminatory behavior.
  5. Refrain from going into controversial topics in public chat channels, unless everybody in the conversation is comfortable with it.
  6. Impersonating others is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to impersonating staff or other players, and/or responding as a member of the staff team.
  7. This is an English server. Please use English in public chats, such as the in-game chat and our Discord server channels. Other languages in private messages are fine!
  8. Keep chat clean and do not spam messages.


  1. Game modifications and resource packs that give you an unfair advantage over other players are strictly forbidden. Cosmetic and minor assistance mods are allowed. There is no guarantee that an unlisted modification will be allowed in-game. Allowed modifications include:
    1. Optifine and Shaders
    2. Minimaps (without entity tracking. Setting waypoints with visual beacons and coordinate is fine).
    3. Auto-clickers/Macros at 15cps or less (Kill-Aura, Auto-Aim, Tunneling, and other modifications with in-game targeting and such are not allowed.)
    4. Other modifications may be used if permission is granted by a Staff Member.
  2. Exploiting known in-game exploits or bugs are strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, duplication, also extends to bugs that are part of the VanillaVerse plugins. Failure to report bugs responsibly to the team will result in punishment.
  3. Player trapping is considered bypassing PVP and is disallowed.
  4. Destroying and/or damaging other players’ builds without their consent is disallowed, regardless whether or not the area is claimed.
  5. Stealing from unprotected chests, such as chests that lie outside a claim or chests inside a claim that allows players to access inventories, is allowed. Please claim your chests! Stealing from Town areas is prohibited.
  6. Buildings in The End are considered public terrain. Staff cannot assist you in any way in case any kind of damage/destruction occurs in that place.
  7. AFK-ing is allowed. Automated farming is allowed.
  8. Any kinds of payments that are directed towards the server are considered non-refundable unless the server fails to deliver what was promised.
  9. Trading in-game items for real currency is also not permitted on the server. However, trading using in-game items (or your fictional currency) is allowed. But please note that staff members are incapable of helping you in case something goes wrong, so please make sure you are trading safely!
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