Anchor is a custom object that keeps a certain amount of chunks loaded around it. In those chunks mob spawning happens like there is a normal player located in the chunks.

In this guide we will analyze how to construct and place Anchors in your Realm.

How do I create an Anchor?

To create an Anchor you need to construct a Level 4 beacon and on the top level place 9 Netherite Blocks instead of the material you used to construct the platform (check this reference photo). Then you need to place the beacon block on top and once it activates you have to right-click on it while holding a Totem of Undying.

The Anchor should activate. To confirm, around it, Totem of Undying particles should be falling from the sky.

How do I place an Anchor?

Placing an Anchor in any location in the chunk doesn't guarantee that mob spawns will be efficient. We recommend to find an efficient spot by AFKing with your player first and then place the anchor on that location. Don't forget the Anchor behaves like there is a normal player in the world, so you should take into account how far the entities spawn and activate.

How do I delete an Anchor?

To delete an Anchor simply destroy the beacon block.


  1. Q: How many chunks does the Anchor keeps loaded?
    A: Anchors load the same amount chunks a normal player would load.
  2. Q: Why is the Anchor so expensive to construct?
    A: We don't want players to aquire an Anchor early in the game as it could give a big boost over other players.
  3. Q: I have deployed an Anchor but mob spawning while I'm offline, what should I do?
    A: We recommend you to check if mob spawning happens without the Anchor while AFKing in that specific spot. If the problem persists contact a member of Staff
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